Dec 19, 2012

December and all of that....

December and only some rare spots of snow here and there remain up here on the hills of Essertines. Winter Wonderland has again turned into a few hundred shades of grey and green and unfortunately, the weather forecasts, if accurate, reveal that this will NOT be a white Christmas. 

For (hopefully) explainable reasons, I am behind with absolutely everything! Lately, I have managed to miss no less than 4 important birthdays (I'm so sorry!) and practically forgot that Christmas is just around the corner and am just realizing exactly how close it is now that presents keep arriving at our place and the few presents we have managed to buy are not even wrapped yet and still have to be sent off! Oh least the Christmas tree is in place and decorated since a week. Hope you guys are more on schedule for Christmas than I am?

Today was such a great day! It started with the postman bringing up two packages filled with christmas gifts from Sweden and so many beautiful Christmas cards from our friends and family.... Afterwards, a "baby-date" with lovely "Piretta" and her adorable baby girl, Charlotte, who is just a few days younger than Allison. After they left, Allison and I spent the afternoon playing, singing and reading stories together and she was in her best sunshiny-kind-of-mood the whooooole day, smiling, "talking" (No really! Like whole sentences in baby language, not just gurgling!! ;)) and being very cuddly. She has started to really listen to what I'm reading to her and, in a big-eyed way, watching the illustrations as the stories unravel. I can't wait for her to start understanding what all these words really mean, as for now, I'm sure my reading sounds to her just like her baby language sounds to me. She also started to play around with trying to put the pacifier back in her mouth without my help when she looses it. This cracks me up as of course, being only 2 months, this works maybe 2 times out of 10, so I end up assisting her lots more than normally as she also now spits it out on purpose just so she can practice her new moves and she gets VERY frustrated when she can't manage ;))
"Piretta", during our country side walk.....

At least there is still snow a bit higher up ;))

On top of this, she fell asleep effortlessly, a little after 8pm (Yep! In her own bed....) and since then, I managed to enhance and speed up the Christmas feeling with a cup of Swedish Glögg, in bed, in my cosy flannel pajama while blogging.....and if I'm lucky, she'll sleep through the night, like she's done most nights since about three weeks now. A happy HAPPY day.

Since my previous post, I have decided to keep blogging, but to re-launch the blog once we move to Sweden under a different name (still to be decided), as obviously by then, I'll be neither lost nor in Switzerland anymore.... I hope you'll follow me there.  
I'd like to thank everyone who sent me amazingly kind feedbacks regarding the blogging! I will try to reply as soon as I find some spare time (yep...I'm behind on this as well ;)).

....and one more thing before I close this laptop down to join Allison in the land of dreams. Who's watching Homeland?? OMG what an amazing season finale!! Best series since Dexter =p



  1. very beautiful pics..

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