Dec 21, 2012

14 down......6 to go.....

On the left side, +20kg's ;)
The weather has been a bit of an enemy lately.... An enemy of me getting back in shape post-pregnancy that is. I gained about 20kg's during the pregnancy and I still have 6kg's left to loose before I'm back to the old me. The first 14kg's more or less fell off me a few weeks after Allison was born, but now it's as if it all stopped. As if, (most likely), what I have left now was not really needed during my pregnancy, but rather weight I gained by not being able to exercise properly and letting myself go a bit towards the end ;))

Well, the old me could enjoy going for a run without any problems with the back and if I was able to go running now, which momentarily I can't, I wouldn't mind this weather...not at all! In fact I would enjoy running in the rain and cold as it keeps me fresher and more energized longer.....but to get the same exercise feeling as running for 30-45 minutes gives me, I would have to walk for 1.5-2 hours at least and that, in this cold, humid and grey weather? I just can't bare the thought of! Solution? I'm right now sitting in the sofa, eagerly and excitedly waiting for this to arrive so I can get back on track again! Completely weather independent!

Yaaaaaaaaay! Best "investment" ever and it will make training when having a baby at home so much easier ;)



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