Nov 27, 2012

From white to yellow....

....and with this I am referring to belts! I do believe I have earned an upgrade from the "Motherhood beginners white belt" to the "Motherhood less of a beginner yellow belt" ;))

Recently Allison and I have managed the first pediatricians visit, a 3 hour visit to the office (that, by the way,  included both nappy change and a feeding session), a trip to a fellow blogger mom in Lausanne, the visit of a friend in Geneva including a short walk to/in the city and a trip to the emergency room (no worries - false alarm ;))! Incredible how these easy things now seem like such adventures that require confidence and courage! Simple questions like "Oh my! Should I take the buggy or the baby carrier for this trip"!? or "Am I allowed to bring the buggy into this cafe" arise and feel too silly to even ask someone about without feeling a bit embarrassed about the level I'm at....but what can I say? Everyone was a beginner once.

Anyhow, things are progressing and now we are going for the orange belt..... Question is what that will entail? Grocery shopping maybe? Or traveling somewhere by public transport (brrrrr!!!)?! Yep! Babies change your life for sure....not all for the better, c'mon! That would be a lie (for instance, whoever says that sleeping works better now is either a lier or a VERY lucky mom ;)) ....but it adds soooo much to life that make all those things seem so trivial and unimportant and I'm loving our "new life" more than I could possible describe in words! 


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  1. yay for the advancement to yellow (or orange!)
    Parenting definitely has a learning curve! Mine are 13 and 6 and I swear I haven't stopped learning or having moments where I feel clueless yet.


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