Nov 26, 2012

Putting things in perspective.....

I want to share this clip with you that I saw last week...... Chances are if you're seeing this that you are living in the first world, just like me.....and that you, just like me, will feel that this puts things in perspective.... Sad, powerful and certainly food for thought!


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  1. I worked as a volunteer in an asylum seeker centre for EVAM at Crissier. There are single mothers living at the centre with their babies in a room the size of our Swiss bathroom. Many of these young women were raped trying trying to escape the terrors of war in their country. They survive on 10 chf a day. Every day for them is a challenge but they are truly inspirational women and they overcome all forms of adversity. Thankfully we were able to assemble an awesome team of expat women before I left who now work tirelessly to help them. The only thing that I miss about Switzerland is this group of smiling, happy welcoming people.

    If you or your friends ever have things to throw out Linda please contact me and I will have someone collect them from you .

    Best wishes to you and your family Linda. I'm sure your Christmas this year will have added meaning. I'm about to be a Great-grandfather thanks to the generosity of my 23 year old grand-daughter Sarah.



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