Nov 25, 2012

Baby shopping

I have always been a huge fan of online's convenient, open 24/7, no queues and nooooo stress.....but since becoming a mom, I'm even a bigger fan! It's just not a pleasant experience, (for me OR for the baby), to walk around in shops with the buggy, feeling like you're always in someones way or feeling that someone else is always in your way and hence, I recently tried placing my first Zalando order and bought this little cute outfit for Allison.
Baby love

What do you think?
For sure now we should avoid the question "Is it a boy or a girl?" ;))



  1. You'd be surprised. there were a few times that Sarah or Stella were dressed super-girly as babies, and I still got asked. People are not too bright ;-)

    The clothes are adorable! especially the boots! So cute.

    1. Ha ha haaaaaa! ;)))
      Aren't they! I am in love with that cardigan <3 Am looking forward to see it all on our little chica....
      Hope you're doing great!


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