May 30, 2011

Linda - Lost in Switzerland...again.....

When I came to Switzerland, Schaffhausen to be more precise, 3 years ago, I felt literally Lost in Switzerland. As time passed by, this feeling of being lost has gone up and down and my life and head has been a whirlwind of emotions and thoughts, both about the past and about the future. 

Over the past year, this feeling of being lost has slowly but surely isn't it ironic, that just when this sense of calm has finally laid it's comforting, cottonball-soft, cover over me in which I have happily snuggled up, it is again time for a change? My life in a nutshell! 
Deliberate? Well....yes! 
Scary? A little! 
Exciting? You bet!!!

The decision was finally taken (jointly of course) and now the cat is finally out of the hat: We are moving to Romandie (meaning the French speaking part of Switzerland)!
New job! New area! New start! of September.

I hope you will follow me there as I continue to be



  1. wow! that sounds great!
    I know you will love it, and you will fit in.. as you do everywhere!
    I wish you the best on your way further in life! :)

  2. Sounds very exciting!! I will follow you wherever you go ;) Best of luck!! KRAM

  3. Very exciting! Looking forward to reading about your life change!

  4. Vad häftigt, grattis och lycka till!
    Självklart hänger jag med på resan! :) Kram! /Emma_omentjej (lyckas inte kommentera med mitt googlekonto...)

  5. Yeah that´s the way to do things, and ofcourse every change in life is a little scary...but that you already knew..Just focus on the positve angles it will get you...Kram Paps...:-))

  6. Lady-G: It does, right? Thanks a millon for your message hun <3

    Katja: Likewise!!!!! ...and thanks so much!!! KRAM

    Sada: Thanks for reading and following!! Am following you right back btw ;) xox

    Emma: Aaaawwwww super!!! Tusen tack!! Kram L

    Paps: I am really trying to look at this more as an adventure than anything else and I'm sure it's going to be fun (but a lot of hard work in the beginning ;)) Kram!


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