May 15, 2011

A head full of if's and but's and how's....

So here I am the crossroads, wondering which path to take, considering all the evident angles, assessing the risks and opportunities at hand, writing pro's and con's lists, wondering why it is, that every time my life has finally settled from my last major change, I'm right back at decision time, as confused as ever, barely recognizing up from down or left from right. Would it be better if I just flipped a coin and let fate decide? Or should this be a purely fact based analysis and decision, because as past experiences will show, feelings have a tendency of distorting messages that were otherwise so clear? Or should it actually be a feeling based decision as, in the end, how we feel about or lives and our decisions is much more important than what we SHOULD feel about them based on a certain set of criteria at hand? But what if? ...and how? ...and...and... Based on all these thoughts spinning around in my tired head, causing lack of sleep, mood swings and some very physically evident stress effects such as a visible blister on my lip, the first decision I will take right here and right now is to stop over analyzing!!

Life moves on....but how do we ensure our life moves on in the right direction? I think the simple answer is: We can not. We just have to trust that whatever our decisions are, they are the right ones for us at that specific moment in time and they were taken with the most possible knowledge at hand. We did our best! The decision was made and then we will do our very best to ensure that the decision was, indeed, the very best.....regardless of other peoples opinions. It is our lives and we need to put trust in ourselves! With this in mind, I will make a decision and I will not look back....just as I've done before....and just as I surely will have to do again in the future.

xox - truly back to being


  1. As you know decisions comes every day, and so far you must had make the right are still in some good health and having some fun at the same just go on the first thought as you have done so many times before!!!...:-))

  2. Not sure who you are, but thank you!! =))

  3. I'm sure you will make the right decision in the end and whatever is meant for you won't pass you by. Katja xoxo

  4. Katja: Thanks so much!! <3 xox


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