May 15, 2011

Blog-list-o-mania: Part 5

Between two choices (my choice in bold):
Pepsi or Coke
Winter or Summer
Team sports or Single sports
Hot shower or Cold shower
City life or Country side
Eating in or Eating out
Camping or Luxury Hotels
Many friends or Few good friends
Beach holidays or Culture holidays
Apples or Pears
Spiders or Snakes
Dogs or Cats
Happiness or Money
Haegen Dasz or Ben & Jerry's
Together or Alone
Rock or Pop
Cynical or Naive
Speak up or Stay quite
Mountains or Sea
Cider or Beer
Head or Heart
Adventure or Stability
Sofa or Activity
Coffee or Tea
Beat or Lyrics
Flats or Heels
Business or Casual
Busy life or Quiet life
Old or New
Lead or Follow
Silver or Gold
Quantity or Quality


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  1. Some of these are too difficult to choose!!! Great list.


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