May 9, 2011

Blog-list-o-mania: Part 4

Thumbs-up for:
- Love
- Sunshine!
- My recent trip to Sweden (way overdue!!)
- All the people who made my trip home soooo sooo lovely!!! Thank you Pappa, Paula, Mamma, Kalle, Tony, Jossan, Cindy, Gunnel, Lisa, Tomas, Barbro, Aryan, Ayeh, Johanna, Daniel, Lizzie, Jonas, Therese, Tanja, Robin, Omar, Andreas and many many more!! 
- Friends (new and old)!! Especially the feeling of still having such great friends despite the distance and also the ability to still find new ones.
- My new bike (yaaaaaaaay!!)
- A fine frenzy (it's becoming an obsession!) and especially the songs "Near to you" and "Lifesize"!! Awesome!!
- My friend Madde's trip here next week!!
- My massage appointment tomorrow
- Lunch plans tomorrow with a dear friend and college who is in recovery (cancer)
- Thomas, who recently gave me a book about "The Peter principle"! What an eye opener...
- The lunch in the sun today at the Theatre restaurant with sweetest Anja
- Ambitious colleges with bright minds and fresh ideas!
- People who inspire and spread positive energy, without always expecting something in return... Respect!!
- Working partially from the Swedish office last week....such a friendly atmosphere!! 
- The "Garage band" app on my Mac...pretty cool I have to say!!
- For all the people who are updating Facebook with their training activities...inspiring!
- The amazingly kind Swiss lady (whose name I don't know) who helped me in the airport on my way to Sweden and also IN Sweden as it turned out we were on the same flight! Traveling with luggage and crutches was over-challenging to say the least!
- Feeling happy about coming home to Switzerland again. Probably for the first time ;))

Thumbs-down for:
- No rain (desperately needed here!!)
- The torn ligament in my foot that's preventing me from playing soccer AND the tennis course I had signed up for.....boohoooo!
- People whose only obvious talent is complaining about other people.
- Lactose intolerance (strong reminder during the ice cream season)
- The snow I had to endure when in May....seriously?!
- My packing skills as I had packed for +16. Not +-0 degrees!
- Not having enough time for much else than work and sports
- Always having to make such difficult decisions
- People who never take responsibility for their actions.....and with that, I mean their POOR actions. At least be consistent!!
- Not having enough time to see all the people I am missing in Sweden. 

That's it for now.... Have a woooooonderful week!!

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  1. Stackars dig, hoppas skadan blir bättre snart. Men härligt att du varit här och haft det bra! Kram!!


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