Apr 21, 2011

A girls struggle in a mans world

Source: http://www.jillposener.com/photodetail.cfm?file=FiatAd.jpg&category=graffiti
How come that, in the year 2011, after having worked in the same field for over 10 years, having proved myself over and over again, I still have to hear comments such as "I suppose science wasn't your favourite subject in school?" or "Well that shouldn't be a problem for you because you are cute ;)" or, the most frequent one, "You must be the assistant?"
Now why would you assume that??

 Just a thought on a Thursday morning.... Raaaaaawwwwwrrrrrrrr!


  1. Oh that was not a comment i would like to hear in year 2011 maybe someone turned back time to the 1800 century, feels like they could need some more education...But hang in there they cant be so many left...Happy Eastern to you my dear daughter... Paps

  2. arrg. hate things like this! i'm a sociology grad student, so i know all about the gender dynamics - especially in the workplace. very frustrating!

  3. Pierre: ...and this was just a few examples ;) Happy Easter!! x

    Paps: I know....really crazy how some people are far behind...maybe deliberately though? ;) Happy Easter right back at ya! KRAM!

    Lina: Ah yes you would certainly know then ;)) ...and for me this has always been a sensitive topic as I've always been drawn to things that people think are more typical for men than women, like playing soccer.... *sigh* I wish I could just ignore it, but narrow-mindness makes me way too angry ;) Happy Easter Lina x


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