Apr 22, 2011

The Busy Bee and her two weekends of Italian atmosphere

I have been crazy busy as of lately and, as you have probably noticed, as a subscriber of this blog, also in a low mood. Well, we can't be all shiny and happy all the time ;)) Anyhow, the reason why my mood is now finally back to normal is because of the last two weekends! Both so magical and full of lovely moments, amazing food, shopping, love, sunshine, laughter and relaxation....

Photo blog: Ticino
If you know Switzerland, you will know that Ticino, or the Tessin as it's called here in the German speaking part, is the canton closest to Italy. The atmosphere and landscapes there are very different from the German part and of course, Italian is also the language most commonly spoken. Two weekends ago, we went there with friends and it was so lovely! We were in Locarno and had an amazing spring weekend with 30 degrees and sunshine the whole time (which for a Swede, in April, is unbelievable!!!)!! During this weekend, I also feel that I discovered a new truly great friend and I must say, here in Schaffhausen, I have missed that desperately. The four of us had an amazing Saturday evening with a divine Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto together with wine, a very fun game (sorry, but I don't remember the name ;)) and a huge amount of much needed laughter!! Medicine for a tired soul.....really! 

On Sunday, we went for a little trip to the Verzasca dam that James Bond bungeed off in Golden Eye (impressive place!!) and then we went down to the river to dip our feet in its still very cold, crystal clear waters.....where unfortunately, my camera battery died =(

 Photo blog: Rome
Last weekend, a long weekend, was spent in Rome. It was my first visit there and I really can't understand why it took me so long to finally go there!! It is one of the most impressive places I have ever seen......and we didn't have a boring moment. So full of historical beauty and well, the food.....oh my GOD!!! Definitely one of the best culinary experiences as well!! I LOVE pasta, pizza and ice cream - and the Italians are certainly the masters in this area, without any threat ;) We walked during almost the entire stay, when we were not sleeping, which means we covered more or less the whole city and visited places such as the Vatican, walked around in the area of the Colosseum, entered the impressive Pantheon, walked up the Spanish steps, shopped on Via Condotti, saw Fontana di Trevi among many MANY other interesting places and buldings. Really, if you haven't been there yet and you are thinking about where to go for a weekend trip, I recommend Rome with all my heart!! It was certainly not the last visit there.....

I wish you all a very HAPPY EASTER!!!


  1. Det låter helt fantastiskt och jag måste säga att jag ÄSLKAR dina bilder (alltid). Jag älskar hur du tar dem och jag inspireras väldigt mycket. Jag måste lära mig att ta bilder nån gång jag med ;) Hoppas allt är bra med dig, har inte hunnit vara inne här så mycket som jag skulle vilja på sistone. Måste bättra mig!!!! Kramar

  2. Oh wow! Tack Katja!! Vilken komplimang =))
    Allt ar toppen har....hur ar det med dig? Jag har ocksa varit dalig pa bade bloggande och blogglasandet pa sista tiden...darav detta blogg-spam under lang helgen! Man far passa pa nar man har tid helt enkelt... Ar du pa kontoret nagonting i borjan av maj? Ar i Solna Man-Fre ;) Kram!

  3. Det är toppen här med, kan inte vara annat efter denna fantastiska påskhelg - vill inte att den ska ta slut! ;) Jag är i Danmark 2-4 maj men är i Solna torsdag och fredag, hoppas vi kan ses någonting då!? KRAM


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