Apr 25, 2011

Easter weekend - I love you!

It is astonishing what a little bit of rest does for the soul. The Easter weekend's lazy days has brought amazingly sunny and warm weather, gourmet dinners accompanied by amazing people and fine wines, lots of laughter, interesting discussions, photography, as well as the follow up editing and some much needed sports ;)) Now I feel that I'm finally getting my creative energy back again....hence so many post this weekend! Below photos should bring you a flavor of what this weekend has brought to me:

Christmas rose blooming in the family H garden

The Friday menu's main course: An absolutely fantastic Trout cooked by Mrs H

...followed by the amazingly yummy dessert prepared by S...

We got to enjoy the magical golden hour....

Souri - the posing proud tiger ;))
...and I loved the colors of the umbrella and contrast towards the green grass.....doesn't this just make you wanna take your shoes off and walk around barefoot??
On Saturday I went out with my camera and found this gorgeous Rape field, already full in bloom!
..and I made a stop at one of my favourite photography places in a nearby German village....

This was the beautiful scene at the edge of the Rape field...
Saturdays menu started with Fried Green Asparagus with a topping of Apricots, Schalotts, Chili and Roasted Almonds....

...and for main-course: Oven baked Cod with a cover of Asparagus Potatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Tarragon and wild Garlic grass... Unfortunately, no photos of the dessert as it got too dark ;)
Blooming trees makes the bees sing.....and me too!
For the Sunday menu, Marcel had made this fabulous starter salad with, among other things, Green Asparagus,  Sugar snaps, Cherry Tomatoes, Carrots and Tiger Shrimps....yummy =p

I find Asparagus one of the best tasting and photogenic vegetables ;))

....followed by this incredibly creative dish of Nori-wraps containing Pike-perch filets, Spring Onions, Pepper and Ginger...served with an amazing sauce (won't share the ingredients as it was the Chefs own recipe ;))

...and to finish off, a Raspberry Panacotta.

Today, I think we will simply have to focus more on sports than eating! Looking forward to playing soccer at 18.... Enjoy the rest of the Easter!!


  1. no no no!!!
    you just gave me serious cravings!
    i feel hungry.. but hey did'n i just have breakfast?


  2. Ha haaaa!! So apologies ;) ...you know, it's never long after breakfast that I start thinking about what to have for lunch! Hehe! xox


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