Apr 25, 2011

Blog-list-o-mania: Part 1

Blogger lists....challenging and fun? Boring and non-creative? Ridiculous? Interesting? Well, I'll let you be the judge of that. I have anyway decided to start this series of blog lists that 1. Enables easy blogging for a while as the topics are pre-defined and 2. Allows you to get to know the bloggers a bit better.
I hope some of my fellow blogger friends will follow ;)

Here is list number 1:

Mention something that made you happy yesterday: Getting a little chocolaty Easter surprise by Chris, jogging in the beautiful sunlit forest, trying Roman rings again without getting Lumbago ;)) and being invited to dinner by Mr M and Mrs M.
What did you do 08:00 this morning: Just woke up, but was too tired to get out of bed and hence, stayed under the covers for an other hour while sort of half-sleeping.

What did you do 15 minutes ago: Started to write this post.
What was the last thing you said out loud: "
Chris, do you wanna see the results of the portrait edits of the "S family"?"
What was the last thing someone said to you today: "Well done...."
What did you drink today: Fresh apple juice, Coffee and a glass of Citrus juice.
What was the latest thing you bought: Plenty of groceries and wine on Saturday!!
What color is your outer door: Yellow....
What's the weather like where you are: Sunny and warm!
What's your favorite ice cream flavor: Oh my....can not possibly choose just one!! I'm a total ice cream junkie!!! Favorite plain ice cream flavors: White chocolate and Hazelnut and for Chunky ice creams: Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey, Cookie Dough, New York Super Fudge Chunk and Baked Alaska.
Do you believe in love at fist sight: No, just attraction at first sight....which can be a good start. If it then turns into love, I'd call that very lucky ;))
Do you sleep deeply: No, unfortunately not...
Do you have nightmares: Yes, if I'm sick or stressed.
Are you happy with your job: Yes overall I love my job........all though not in all circumstances nor with all people.
Favorite thing to wear: Cosy clothes!! At home I almost always wear tights and long t-shirts, tank tops and/or hoodies. Victorias Secret's brand PINK has amazing stuff!!!
Favorite song right now:

What do you see if you look to your right: A lamp that I bought in an antique shop here in Schaffhausen.
What makes you happy right now: Having Chris in my life, having found a new, really great friend, going home to Sweden for 8 days starting Thursday, that spring is here, sunshine and the thought of playing soccer at 18!
What will you do when you are finished with this list: Shower and go outside for a walk along the Rhein.
Left or right handed: Right
Mood right now: Sleepy, relaxed and happy.
Favorite candy: Chocolate and salty licorice.
Wearing right now: Cosy shorts and a t-shirt....and with that, a serious case of bed-hair!
Plans for the summer: Hope to have my brother, his girlfriend and my little niece here for a visit. Also have a week in Sweden booked for Midsummer. Other that that, I just plan to do a lot of hiking, sports and photography.
Do you play any instruments: A liiiiiittle bit of piano.....and I love singing.
Morning or night person: Ha ha haaaa definitely not a morning person.....
What is most important to you: Love, family, friends, a good health and freedom to do, think and say what I feel!
Do you snore: Hmmm..... I think only if I have a cold.
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
The most disgusting bug: Worms and maggots. Urrghhhh.....
What are you looking forward to the most right now: Going home to Sweden this week so I can celebrate my niece's 1st birthday, see my friends and family and also eat some Swedish food =)) ....after that I will look forward to coming back home again to enjoy picnicking and hiking season with Chris......

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