Jun 11, 2010


Dear sweet wonderful readers,
Another Friday has arrived! Another weekend to enjoy! Plenty of adventures to experience and new things to discover! Exciting events coming up such as the start of the FIFA world cup and all kinds of holiday activities..... Life is GRAND!!!

It's been a great week so far and I'm hoping that the weekend will be just as lovely! Here's a short update:

Happy about:
A lot of things! Especially the fact that it's finally really summer with all that it means!!
Disappointed about: Still not having a date set for meeting my little niece.... I want to meet her so bad!

Thinking about:
Annoyed with: All the little flies that always insist on trying to feast on your lovely meal or take a swim in your wine when eating outside!!

Listening to: The divine and sometimes desperately needed, sound of silence...........aaahhhh...
Imagining: That I had a big bad bank account so full of money (honestly earned, of course!) that I could easily take a year off of work and pursue some dreams, stirring beneath the surface, eager to materialize!
Worrying about: These articles speak for themselves =(
Hoping: ...that (with my thoughts still on the above articles and many others), mankind will come to their senses and stop destroying our planet!! We need clear legislations NOW, top-down implemented! No matter how much I wish it was possible, I don't think we can individually manage to change this without the governments and top leaders of our world putting their money (and ACTIONS!) where their mouths are.
Looking forward to: Having dinner with lovely Milly, Simon and Chris this evening, going to Birmingham, UK on Sunday to attend a full week course in Supply Chain Management and planning some more holidays in July.
Relieved by: Having finally found a house to rent in the Swedish archipelago!! Am sooooo looking forward. Oh happy day(s)!!
Wondering: What to pack for next week?? I'm clueless.........

Feeling: Inspired and happy at a purely personal level, but at the same time feeling down by all the frightening news and updates related to our environment.
Thankful for: Finally feeling well enough to go to the gym again! (I've been taking antibiotics for 2 weeks).
Wanting: THIS:
http://twitpic.com/1vrr0l soooooo bad! Come to MAMA!! Maybe you have one for sale?? If yes, PLEASE let me know!! ;))
Wishing: That time could fly just a teeny-tiny bit faster so the official WEEKEND could be a fact.......but good things come to those who wait patiently!

That's all from me this lovely Friday..... Have a lovely weekend you all!!!
Linda - Lost in Switzerland, happy that she could manage to do this post during her lunch-break

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  1. Jordan M. WilliamsJune 12, 2010 at 12:55 AM

    Hope you have a good weekend


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