Jun 24, 2010


Yes, it's the time of year where my home-sickness is at it's worst.....or maybe "strongest" is a better word. You see, tomorrow is Midsommar - the biggest national holiday in Sweden, celebrated like nothing else...and I can't help feeling that I'm missing out!

To compensate, an amazing weekend is planned with things like a much needed hair-dresser appointment, picnics by the riverside, a wedding (well I didn't plan this myself, but am still really excited about it!) and hopefully also just some time for relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. On top of this, next weekend, we are planning to have our own Midsommar celebration here in Schaffhausen together with some other, really great Swedes who are also living here in Schaffhausen.

Currently, I'm........
Happy about:
Finding a career mentor! My first choice ;) Someone I really admire and someone I think I can learn a lot from.
Disappointed about: .....the cancellation of the football (soccer) this past Monday! I was sooooo excited that I could barely sleep the night before. Talk about anti-climax. Luckily, it's supposed to be a weekly activity - so I might get more lucky next time. I will be ready!

Thinking about: My future....actually all aspects of it, realizing it's in need of a little planning. I usually tend to go with the flow, which has worked more than fine for me so far, but sometimes life does require a little bit of pondering upon and also a little bit of tweaking or "forced navigation" ;)
Annoyed with: My lost shipment of Dermalogica products. Placed a large order over a month ago but nothing came. Spoke to the post-office today and they said they sent it back. Shouldn't they normally leave a slip in your mailbox informing you that there is a package for you to pick-up as a second step if no one answers the door upon delivery?? Aaarrrgghhhh......

Listening to: The music of my blog......which, obviously, I really like!
Worrying about: Restarting my German classes tomorrow, knowing that I have forgotten most of what I previously learned....... Shame on me!
Hoping: That I will have enough energy this summer to do, not only all that is expected of me by others but also all that I'm expecting from myself.
Looking forward to: Going home to Sweden, not only once, but TWICE in August!! I will finally get to meet my little niece, spend a week with Chris in the Archipelago AND have time to see my friends and family!
Wondering: When my friends (Madde & Tobbe's) little baby will be born and if it will be a boy or a girl.... It's due TODAY!!! Exciting!
Planning: The upcoming Midsummer picnic/party next weekend here in Schaffhausen (it's going to be a blast!!) and a big work-related, meeting in August.
Feeling: Amazingly happy, in love and re-energized in my job after last weeks course!
Inspired by: This Paulo Coelho quote: "Changes happen when we open our heart and go against everything we're used to doing, including our prejudices." So true.....
Thankful for: Kind-hearted and inspiring people, being able to be myself and still being loved and being surrounded by friends that make me laugh out loud!
Wanting: Weekend.....always ;))
Wishing: That I had a crystal ball......if anyone reading this is in possession of one, please do let me know? I'll pay you well! Hehe!


...and last but not least - a little visual flavour of what it is I'm missing so much (the music in this clip is NOT one of those things...just to be clear! ;))

Linda - Once a Swede, always a Swede, all though she's been Lost in Switzerland for more than two years now ;)


  1. Kul med en mentor det är något fler borde ha.. Gäller bara som du sa att hitta den rätta. Styr in din karriär mot det du vill och förhoppningsvis så blir det i Sverige:) Njut av kärleken och glad midsommar på er.

  2. När är du hemma i augusti?
    Jag och Tessi vill gärna också komma och hälsa på en long weekend nu i sommar. Skulle det funka?
    Saknar dig!

    Lycka till med allt!
    En mentor är guld värd!

    Puss å kram

  3. Johanna: Ja absolut!! Hoppas ocska att det sasmaningom blir Sverige...men men...vem vet? ;)
    Tusen tack och detsamma till er!! KRAM

    Tanja: SJALVKLART!!!!! Det vore bastaste nyheten =))
    Puss o kram tillbaks!!
    PS. Ar saaaa nyfiken pa allt ni shoppat!!

  4. Sweden looks really lovely!


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