Jun 7, 2010

Prinsesstårta - The recipe

A Swedish classic ;)

(Schwedentorte DE, Princess cake EN)
12-14 pieces

4 eggs
2 cup white sugar
1 cup flour
1 cup potato flour (Kartoffelstärke DE)
2 teaspoons baking powder

5 gelatine leaves (not a must, but then the filling won't be as solid)
2 cup thick vanilla custard (Marsankräm SE)
2 teaspoons vanilla powder
5 dl whipped cream
1-2 dl raspberry jam

A marzipan lid (or 300 g marzipan mixed with green or red household paint)
Marzipan roses or your own choice of decoration
1 tsp powdered sugar

Marzipan roses:
20-40 g green marzipan
20-40 g pink/red marzipan

Follow these steps:
Please use an electric mixer to make the batter for the bottom.
Grease and sprinkle a round shaped bakingmold (24 cm in diameter) with bread-crumbs (you can also use oatmeal or grated coconut if you're out of breadcrumbs).
Beat eggs and sugar until white and fluffy.
Add the baking powder, flour bottom and potato flour and stir into a smooth batter.
Pour the batter into the pan and bake in the bottom of the oven at 175°C for around 40 minutes.

Let the cake stand in the mold for a few minutes then remove from mold and let it cool down.
Once cooled down, slice it into 2 or 3 layers. This is best done with a long bread knife.

Put the gelatine leaves in cold water and then add to the custard when ready and if needed. If you use the Swedish Marsankräm, then no gelatine should be needed.
Whip the cream until it's really thick. It has to be almost rigid.

Put the Raspberry jam on the first layer, custard on the second and the cream on the third - but save a little bit of cream.
Spread the rest of the cream on top and a bit around the edges so the marzipan lid sticks better.

Place the marzipan lid on the cake (directly on the cream).
Sift powdered sugar over.

Marzipan roses:
Form small leaves of the pink/red marzipan and with the leaves you build up a rose by layering. Shape the leaves of green marzipan.
Use the knife on the leaves to draw patterns. Decorate the cake with roses and leaves (I always poke a hole in the marzizan lid to make the roses stick ;))

Ready to serve!
The cake will taste better if you allow it to be refrigerated between 4 and 12 hours before serving.

Linda - Lost in Switzerland


  1. YUM!!!!!!!! That looks beautiful and I bet it tasted divine...good job!! Patricia xx

  2. Ohhhhh jag ÄLSKAR prinsesstårta! Bara måste måste måste vi ha nästa gång vi kör en svenskträff!!!!! KRAM

  3. It tasted divine :), I can assure you! :)))

  4. you keep coming up with great recipes... I think im going to have to do a recipe post in inspiration of your blog post. Thanks for the inspiration Linda.

  5. Jordan: Thanks a lot!! .....did that inspire the "microwave mug chocolate cake"? Am so curious to try it! Hehe! =))

    Patricia: That is an amazing compliment from the Queen of baking!! Thank you!

    Emma: Oh yes!! Maste bara fa nagon att skicka lite lock, for jag gillar inte att gora dom sjalv! Jag blir sa sur! Haha! ;)

    Chris: Moahahahaaaa I must agree......it was quite yummy!! 512! ;)


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