Jun 1, 2010

Oh my?! It's JUNE already!

JUNE as in S U M M E R !!!
I can't believe how rapidly time flies by when you're not really paying attention! I guess I must have been pre-occupied.... OK, so here's a little update:

Happy about: The official arrival of summer!
Disappointed about: How some people just never seem to grow up and even worse, how you think you know someone and then realize you were wrong =(
Thinking about: Food! Dinner!! It'll be Swedish waffles!! If you haven't figured it out yet............. I ♥ FOOD!!
Annoyed with: My new EMU USB Tracker and Sonar Cakewalk - Audio dropouts!! Anyone any ideas??
Listening to: Just the sound of me typing on my keyboard.
Imagining: That Sweden would have actually qualified into the FIFA world cup 2010 so I could have followed it with true PASSION! Aaaawwwww......why why why??
Worrying about: Not finding the perfect little house in the Stockholm archipelago this August.... It has to have a Sauna, a wooden pier (as walking slowly into the water is NOT an option!), be relatively accessible from the mainland (I'm talking about mobile phone reception ;)), available between August 6-15th and not be ridiculously expensive. Not that easy, I can assure you ;)
Feeling: Hopeful, in love and at peace.
Hoping: That the nice weather comes this weekend like the weather forecast is currently promising! I want picnics and some freckles!
Looking forward to: Eating Indian food tomorrow night!!! It's been awhile! ....again food! Mmmmmm.....
Relieved by: Recieving my speeding ticket just to realise it was not at all as bad as I feared....and just to be clear - YES I learned my lesson!
Wondering: When I will be able to find good flight tickets to go home to Sweden for a weekend. I still haven't met my little niece =(
Thankful for: Chris, my friends and my family!
Wanting: Someone, ANYONE to help me figure out why Cakewalk is failing me (or why I am failing Cakewalk will probably be the likely scenario ;))
Wishing: ....you all a wooooonderful week!!

Take care.......and SMILE ♥
Linda - Lost in Switzerland


  1. Can not help feeling curious about the disappointment. What has happened?? Or that is maybe what you don't want to say or you may have written it already?

    Don't have any experience with Cakewalk (what is it?) sorry!
    Take care

  2. Hahaha! Well, I have to apply some filtering to this blog every once in a while.......and this is one of those times ;))
    What I can say is that I always find it disappointing to see how easily people think the worst of someone based on one version of a story when everyone knows, stories always have at least two sides (and the truth rarely lies in any of these 2). I also recently decided to stop caring so much about people who clearly don't want to be cared about as that also is disappointment waiting to happen. This is as much detail I can provide I think ;))
    Thanks for commenting! I appreciate that a lot!

  3. Vilken härlig lista (minus uppenbara tråkigheter). Jag håller tummarna för att du hittar ett skärgårdshus! Jag kanske knycker listan från dig... ;) KRAM!!


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