Jul 4, 2012

Yep....this is about pregnancy!

Life is a bit different these days.....pregnancy has done that to me. All in good ways. I am calmer than ever. At peace. It's not all about what WE WANT anymore, which actually makes life easier in a way....you simply don't have as many choices as before. It is a refreshing feeling (not pretending that being pregnant is all joy though...it's pretty hard sometimes ;)). I still find myself surprised that the things I thought I'd miss the most, I don't miss at all and vice versa. I admit to fearing that I'd miss things like wine, sushi and Mojito's in summer to the point of it being unbearable, while in fact, it's the farthest thing from my mind.

In my experience so far, being in wk 25, here are my pro's and con's of pregnancy:

Less nice things about being pregnant

  • Not being able to do your favorite sports (unless they happen to be swimming, walking, yoga or water aerobics?)
  • Not being in complete control of your emotions and especially, the display of those
  • I somehow feel less important....like I'm just a vessel...or a cocoon.
  • All the strange and uncomfortable pregnancy "defects" like cramps in the legs, problems to breathe properly, back ache, tailbone ache etc.....
  • Not good at dealing with heat and this is summer and it's veeeery hot...so....well.....
  • Planning your future as a family is difficult as you have no idea how you will feel about everything once you have become parents
  • The thought of having to leave our baby with someone else when I go back to work (Horror!! Absolute horror!)
  • The weight gain.... Sorry but I have to say this: It's hard to be heavy and not being able to do much about it!
  • I have no patience for things or people slower than I right now desire them to be
  • You tend to worry too much sometimes about the well being of your baby....
  • Being tired most of the time...
  • Especially for me since I live far away from most of my friends and family: Worrying about not having those people around to help you cope, to support you and to get advise from....

Best things about being pregnant

  • I feel like I have a purpose, bigger than anything else I've ever felt.
  • Feeling our baby kick! A bit alien in the beginning, but it grows on you....not just literally, but emotionally ;)))
  • Thinking about the person he or she will become..... I can daydream about this for hours and hours (which is a good companion for the many walks I'm taking)!
  • I am happier than ever because I have a different focus...... I don't care so much about things or people that don't really matter. I can switch those off easily.
  • People are treating you waaaaaay nicer than normally (this can also be on my con list.....as in some few cases, it feels...eeehhhmmm......weird)
  • Everything tastes better and I don't feel guilty for eating when I'm hungry
  • Pregnancy clothes are really comfy!
  • Shopping baby stuff! Soooo much fun!! 
  • For the first time in my life, I love having a belly =p
  • You HAVE to take time to just relax....something not so easy to do when your not pregnant and things need to be done. 
  • Besides some physical pregnancy defects, I feel stronger than ever!
  • I am head-over-heels in love with life

....there are probably many many other things, but these are the ones my mind right now.
Certainly with the pro's highly topping the con's! We all know what should come out of these 9 months, so there is no question about if it's worth it or not..... ;)



  1. Sussie ChristianssonJuly 4, 2012 at 1:04 PM

    Du är så fin Linda!! Alla gravida tjejer är fina eller rättare sagt vackra, och det är kul att höra att Du/ni mår så bra :-) Hoppas att Du får en skön sommar, kram Sussie

  2. all in all, this sounds like a lot of fun! enjoy it!
    what!s wrong with sushi?

    1. Cramps and the 1st trimester aside, it's an adventure :)))
      I can't eat sushi due to the risk of Toxoplasmos.... Didn't have enough antibodies. You might be luckier ;) x

  3. What a sweet and informative post Linda - I bet lots of women out there will read this and relate to everything you've said.





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