Jul 10, 2012

Things I love right now.....

Summer temptation: Frozen Yoghurt
I am seriously jealous of all you lucky Zurich inhabitants who recently got the Yoo Moo shop on Pelikanstrasse (no 19 ;). If I lived in Zurich, I'd be there once per day on hot days. Free from fat, but certainly not free from enjoyment! In the photo one with Madagascan Vanilla topped with fresh blueberries, mango and coconut flakes. My mouth is watering by the pure memory of it!

Music: Lifehouse's "From where you are" and Mat Kearney's album "Young love" (am especially hooked on "Chasing the light", "Sooner or later" and "Ships in the night".

TV series: Homeland
Can't get enough!! Am completely hooked and find it hard not to start a new episode, even when time is way past midnight.

Beauty products: 
Laura Mercier's Almond Coconut Milk Honey Bath (during rainy days). It smells absolutely divine and makes any bubble bath feel luxurious!! Leaves a very smooth feeling on the skin....

Redken's "Smooth down" series! Makes my hair feel amazingly soft and it I have the feeling it could detangle anything =) It also smells really good and it stays a long time. Love it!

Clarin's Eye Revive Beauty Flash! Great way to wake up puffy morning eyes..... I find it the best when kept in the fridge over night as it makes the feeling even more refreshing.

Dermalogica's Antioxidant Hydramist
The perfect summer skin refresher/hydrater! Sometimes in summer when it's really hot, in the morning, I find it better to just spray on something like this rather than putting on a cream as it makes me feel fresher.

Food: Caprese salads
I make them constantly right now as it's fast and so easy to make and the taste, when you have a really good Mozzarella di Bufala, some sunwarm plum or cherry tomatoes and fresh basil is just to die for..... My most recent fix is, (apologies to all you Italians out there), to replace the olive oil with a mix of Avocado oil and Pistacchio oil and top it off with a sweeter kind of Balsamico. The perfect combo in my opinion! I also love to make it with some green salad and Avocado to make it more "foody" (as in the photo). The perfect summer lunch or dinner.....

What are you guys hooked on right now??



  1. Ha thank you! Now I know what to make for the dinner!!

  2. Haven't been to YooMoo yet... must correct that this weekend!

    I love caprese too, albeit a more traditional version, but I do like to tweak it as well, like adding rucola, cucumber and red onion. Yum!

    1. No musts Elisa.....but it may contribute to an energy boost! Or at least a few moments that you can fully indulge in and and enjoy! I only wish they over time change from ground, dried, coconut to longer strips of coconut (Lightly roasted) ;)))

  3. Ooh, Yoo Moo sounds delicious! ..I'm hooked on Spotify+an old Pulp album, Dior Addict fragrance, Knoppers waffles from Denner and Gossip Girl, shamefully ;) I love these posts from you!! Mind if I borrow the idea one day on a post? Have a great day :)

    1. Hi Piretta, Thanks a lot!! Feel free to steal with pride =p
      Knoppers waffles? Hmmm.....never heard of and must see what those are!!

  4. Homeland is fantastic and London is addicted to frozen yoghurt too ..

    Lovely post Linda.




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