Jul 23, 2012

What is yet to come.....

It's funny how life changes.....how your dreams and aspirations develop, how friendships are built and relationships are founded and sometimes broken. I find it amazing how we get lost and found, how we win and loose, how we fight hard battles to our breaking point and at other times, are so relaxed that sleeping is the only thing our bodies can manage.

We laugh, cry, dance, we make love, break love, feel love and give love, we eat, sleep, suffer, work, study, enjoy, sing, run and live our lives. We are weak and strong, we are at the top of the world and we hit rock bottom. We believe in people and things but sometimes find ourselves even doubting if there will ever be something or someone who we can ever trust. We feel loved and unlovable......ugly and beautiful....funny, clever and outgoing and other times, socially awkward not finding even one word to say that sounds remotely interesting. 

We share things, sometimes incredibly private things, but we also keep deep, and at times dark, secrets. We know so much and yet sometimes, feel so uncertain.

At the age of 33, I feel like I've felt most of the emotions that life has to offer......most of them.....but not yet this one, the one they say is the grandest one of all:
Image source: http://pinterest.com/pin/264023596874108657/
No wonder I am all bubbly inside over what is yet to come!!!! Isn't life amazing?
12 weeks to go.......and I can't wait!!



  1. Ååååhh vad vackert skrivet älskling! Life is amazing and beautiful indeed, och du förtjänar allt det bästa som livet har att erbjuda ;) Love you <3

    1. Tack snalla sota!!! Love you too och langtar som tusan efter att fa spendera lite mer tid med dig JATTE SNART!!! =)))) <3

  2. oh yes be sure.
    Du kommer falla handlöst, läskigt, bubblande, kittlande, galet fnittrande in love i detta som snart ska ske.
    Det finns inte en cell i kroppen som innan kan veta vad som ska ske.. inte på RIKTIGT.
    För detta är på riktigt det absolut bästa som du kommer uppleva.
    Ta hand om dig fina!!

    1. =)))))))) Aaaaahhhhh vad jag langtar!!!!! Tack sota!!! Kram!!

  3. I am so, so excited for you! Nothing, absolutely nothing compares to the overwhelming love you feel when holding your baby. It's as close to absolute happiness and bliss as it ever gets. And I am so happy you will be experiencing it in a couple of months! Motherhood is hard and puzzling and amazing and incredible and just simply the best thing I ever did in my life :-)

  4. Oh so exciting Linda - the very best with everything ..





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