Jul 17, 2012

As Swiss as it gets? Crans Montana (another photo blog)

Like I had always imagined it (Switzerland, I mean), this is how the beautiful Crans Montana area is in summer time and it's impossible for me not to hear the soundtrack from "The Sound of Music" playing in my head while walking in these kinds of surroundings: "The hiiiiills are alive, to the sound of music......" (...and just to be clear, I know that story is played out in Austria ;)).... We were there during the weekend to visit Chris's lovely auntie and, as always, I took some photos:

....surrounding-wise, in my opinion, as Swiss as it gets ;)) Certainly one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


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  1. Gorgeous - the second photo down is just beautiful - makes me smile to see it and I can smell the grass and clear air :))))


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