Oct 9, 2011

Life spins madly on....

View of the Mont Blanc
Oh my..... I have been such a busy bee lately, hence the neglect of one of my favorite hobbies....namely: Blogging! Anyway.....I hope you are all doing great!! This post will be in the update format as I have simply toooooooo much to write about and this will help me narrow it down ;))

Currently, I'm:
Chris and me in Vallee de Joux
Happy about: Many things. Chris's sister visited us in Rolle last weekend and that was great! We did a very nice hike together in Vallee de Joux. It's just 30 min's away from our new home and for the first time, I realized that we actually have a view of the Mont Blanc from our new area!! ....yes, I get impressed by such things easily as I come from a very flat part of Sweden ;) 
Am also happy that I took time on Friday to see a few of my ex-colleagues for lunch. It was lovely to see them again.
The top of our hike
Disappointed about: My run this morning..... I ran 5 km's and every step felt absolutely horrible =(( My back hurt, I have a problem with my left heel (fluid inside) and it was even hard to breathe. Not exactly encouraging considering that last week, I signed up for a 10 km run in Lausanne on October 30th. Oh well....still a few weeks to go.
Looking forward to: Yesterday evening, I spent quite some time on web shopping....so now I'm very much looking forward to receiving a package that I have ordered from Shopbop.com!! .....it contains plenty of goodies! Mainly tops, but also a very nice bracelet from Juicy Couture =))))))
Listening to: I have been in a period of "The Weepies" for a long long time now.... Lately my most played The Weepies song is "Same Changes". Love it!! Am also listening a lot to Adele's "Set fire to the rain". I'm so stunned by her voice.....it's amazing.
Hoping: That I will manage to be fit enough to run 10 km's at the end of the month.... I'm really not a runner! I would classify myself as quite sporty, but was always more interested in team sports or athletics than endurance sports. Wish me luck ;))
Charm bracelet from Juicy Couture
Wondering: Believe it or not, but Christmas is really just around the corner.....and hence, I'm starting to wonder about Christmas gifts! Yay!
Thinking about: My amazing friend Patricia!!! If you are reading this, you'll know why!!! I love and miss you sweetie and I think about you all the time. xox
Planning: The interior decoration of the new apartment... Am not able to describe how exited I am about moving in!! =p We have bought some new furniture lately and now we are getting rid of some old ones....
Laughing about: My incredibly stupid idea to go for a bike ride before work, actually at 06:30 in the morning without lights or reflectors on my bike. NOT cool!!! I couldn't even see if I was going on the road or not, it was sooooo dark. On top of this, the cars couldn't see me. A very scary experience that I will not repeat again!! In fact, I'm happy to still be alive....
Boletus and Safron Risotto
Inspired by: Work funny enough......am really enjoying this new challenge and can't really stop thinking about all the projects I could eventually dive into!! I haven't felt this feeling at work for years. I was also inspired by a Mushroom risotto, cooked by one of my new colleagues.....so I decided to give Risotto a go! Mine was with Boletus mushrooms and Safron and it was actually really delicious! Not the last time I make Risotto....
Worried about: Work again..... Hahahaaa!! No seriously... I'm just worried about making the wrong priorities while learning. I haven't been a "beginner" for long time now and it's quite hard learning something from scratch. 
Remembering: The delicious Thai dinner we had on Friday at a new restaurant here in Schaffhausen called Nam's Thai Restaurant. Absolutely GREAT!!! Go there if you can!! I had Papaya salad, followed by a very genuine and superbly cooked Pad Thai.
Pad Thai
Wishing: That I had more time to take photos. Another hobby neglected lately! Everything is so gorgeous now that the leaves change colors....
Sad about: That it's Sunday as I have to again leave Chris behind for another week of work.... Distance relationships are much harder than I imagined! Am happy that we are soon together in one place again. Am tired of packing and un-packing, hello's and goodbyes and Schaffhausen's vs Rolle's. Gosh, how do people do these things permanently?? Impressive.
Feeling: Very very tired from working a bit too many hours lately, but at the same time, I'm very very happy with my life!!!

In a few hours, I will be leaving Schaffhausen behind to board a plane to Milan where I will spend the next couple of days. Am going to go straight to bed as soon as I'm in my hotel room..... I am (weirdly still) ridiculously exhausted from the run this morning.

I wish you all a fantastic ending of this weekend and en even better start of the new week! Hope to "see you" here again soon.

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  1. hmmmm, pad thai! yumminess.

    I have just managed to get "Set Fire to the Rain" out of my head, it was stuck in there for weeks! Such a great song, Adele is fantastic.


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