Sep 20, 2011

About insecurity.....

For some strange reason, many people are really seriously believing that if they are not constantly happy, strong, shining, successful, perfect and absolutely pleasing YES-sayers, they are no anyone. 

....and why is it that, normally, the people who feel like this are in the eyes of others the most intelligent, beautiful, strong and wonderful people, who we think can move mountains?

Could it be that these people have faced more than enough challenges in their lives so they have lost sight of the fact that they have already won? Are they so used to constantly battle and convince others that they don't know how to exist when this pressure is off? Do they see this lack of struggle as unhappiness or uselessness as for them, taking their guard down means not feeling alive or, I don't know, not being worthy perhaps?

It is as if everyone else is convinced of how amazing you are and the only one left to be convinced is yourself and this is the one single person who will never ever let you why bother? 

It is a basic rule of the world to just agree that the majority wins as if we have to always wait for complete consensus, nothing moves forward. Well, if you are one of the people who feel as I described above, let's make a pact, shall we? We all think you are AMAZING and we completely outnumber you, so we win and the last person (meaning you) will need to learn to go with the flow....admit defeat.....and who knows? Maybe one day, you'll learn, not only to accept yourself, but to love yourself - just like we do and you will have won either way...... You are unbeatable if you let yourself be ;)


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  1. i know that you know.. that i read this on the day you wrote it.. i just forgot to tell you- how much it meant to ME, you are such a wonderful writer and you get the feeling in to words as magic! Thank you sooo for beeing who you are and for beeing so damn good at it!! :) XoXO


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