Sep 19, 2011

What a week.....

The past week was sooooo crazy busy! Not only in terms of number of things to do, but also including countless of hours spent travelling to both Milan and Schaffhausen back and forth......and this is probably also why my creativity outside of work right now is around zero! 

Meaning, for once, I have nothing to say to you besides "Hello! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend? Please bare with me while I'm trying to get some energy back!" ;)) 

In the mean time, I'm trying to look at this from a positive angle, a bit like the lady in this picture.....and with that said, I'm going to get myself another piece of chocolate..........


  1. LOVES the Dessert picture!! I will steal that.. yup.. just did! ;)


  2. LOL LOVE IT!!! Thank you!!!!

  3. Hehe, Love the picture :-). But must say stressed does not compare to dessert :-)

  4. Lady-G: You're welcome ;)) xox

    Emma: Happy you do =))) Me too!! xox

    Chris: I fully agree.....but maybe the opposite of and the cure for stress might be dessert? I would for sure say yes to such a strategy =))) xox


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