Oct 23, 2011

Auf Wiedersehen, Schaffhausen!

So it's a fact.....I have moved out of our Schaffhausen apartment (Chris still has a few more days there;)) and on Friday, it is time for us to move into our new home in Essertines-sur-Rolle. Soooooo exciting!!!

Today I'm blogging from the train back to Rolle. I am extremely tired.....tired but happy! Yesterday we had our moving out party and all though it's always sad to say goodbye, in a way it was also a great feeling to realize that the room was filled with people we will be seeing again, so it's not really goodbyes after all........this may sound like an "Well of course it's not a goodbye" to some of you, but you see, when you are an expat (or let's call it a "non-local" "non-permanent resident"), you simply can't always take that for granted....

We had a nautical theme and we spend the whole Friday evening and Saturday preparing. It was soooo much fun!!! Here some pictures to give you a flavor!
I baked some marine themed cookies
....and put them on "a beach" (well, it was brown sugar and cocoa powder ;))
....and I also baked some Cupcakes (of course)!!!

Can you find Nemo? ;)

Setting the scene.....one last time in Schaffhausen
We were "Popeye"
....and Olive =)
Sub's.....but these were special Yellow Submarines ;)

"A beer anyone?"
.....like out of a movie =))
Some great, not drunken, sailors ;)
.....and the evenings Theme Quiz
I hope you all had a lovely weekend!


  1. I have this theory that chocolate slows down the aging process.... It may not be true, but do I dare take the chance? How about that??? Paps

  2. I think happiness is the one thing that slows down the aging process.....unfortunately not so much physically, but surely mentally! So if chocolate makes you happy....well...then there you go....just sayin' ;)) x

  3. hi! Linda
    I am sure you will like to try this new CUPCAKE


  4. Ha ha haaa Tanvon! This one is great =)))) x


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