Oct 16, 2011

Welcome back, Dear Appetite!!

So another weekend has come and gone. This one with more uncertainty for me than most as I have been recovering from the stomach flu from HELL since Monday night... When I say that my appetite is back however, I'm not only referring to the appetite for solid foods, but rather the appetite for life!! Partially, it was the contrast of being so miserable this past week that makes the RIGHT NOW feel so good.....but I think it's also the feeling of finally having managed to offload something else, namely negative energy....heaps of it!! Everything from bad and sad past memories to irritation and anger....heavy things....things that stick until the bandaid is ripped off....things that stick until drastic solutions are implemented.....solutions like a permanent change of environment.

I feel so good in this new place and at my new job. I feel inspired, fresh, happy and ready to tackle whatever new challenges life has to bring!! I mean it!! You wanna rumble? Bring it ON =)) My batteries are fully charged and I feel like I could move mountains!! 

I don't think I have EVER looked so much forward to moving into a new home. I can't wait to seep in the atmosphere of our new village, to walk the surrounding forests, to get to know the local people and culture and to familiarize myself with the nearby villages and cities. I wanna sip on lip-burning-hot-chocolates in the little cafes....visit all the little antique shops, try the local cheeses, chocolates and wines and read a newspaper on a park bench by the lake. I wanna go running in the the vineyards in the morning before the fog has lifted and get my shoes damp as a consequence. I can't wait to see this place when it snows!! Especially watching it fall from the inside of one of the little charming restaurants while having a simple, candle light dinner. I wanna go skiing again and come home, exhausted, and cook a divine cheese fondue and swallow every single bite down with the help of a nice, white wine......

This Saturday, I was in dire need of fresh air and an environment that would bring me views other than our bedroom ceiling which was getting all too familiar and so, we decided to walk around in Lausanne in the afternoon. It was an enchanting afternoon, with golden leaves slowly and silently falling down from the trees while sunshine peaked through their branches and I must admit that I think I have fallen a bit, all though light heartedly, in love with this charming little city. I feel as if the emptiness that "my culture and shopper heart" has endured for the past few years has lifted and my cravings for variety will finally be silenced here. It is not big and stunning like New York....or as fresh and beautiful as Stockholm.....but it somehow feels like home.
Chris, enjoying one of the many views we had of Lausanne this afternoon....
There are no words that can express how happy I am that there is Starbucks in Lausanne!!
I bought a new winter coat.....and as you can see, I love it!!

Such a beautiful fall afternoon...
We found a new promising cheese store =p
...and we were ridiculously happy with the range of goat cheeses!
I wish you all a nice ending to this weekend and lots of happiness in the coming week.


  1. I am moving to Geneva very soon (ever been there?), so I am very grateful for all the info about the surrounding area, especially Lausanne! And I just can't wait to do my shopping in France! :)

  2. Hi Sylvie!! Thanks so much for stopping by and for commenting =)
    I haven't been to Geneva yet, but it's for sure on my list of to-do-ASAP's!! When are you moving there? I will for sure make a post about it once I have a check in that box..... x

  3. Moving there on Friday, just like you to Rolle... What a coincidence, but really! :) I'm moving there from abroad (I'm in the middle of a packing-chaos right now) because husband got a job there.

  4. Wow!! Indeed =)) The best of luck with your move. Let me know when you have arrived! Let's have coffee =)

  5. IF someone know how excited you are today, it's me! Stuff&furniture sent, we're arriving tomorrow! I'm kind of emotional & freaked out because of leaving so many things/people behind, but also happy and excited about the new place&life! Will contact you as soon as we (kind of) settled down, I'm ready for that coffee!! :)

  6. Wow!!! Now I'm getting almost double excited for you and for me =)) I know also how you feel about leaving the friends behind, but I'm sure, all though normally it's both ups and downs for the first couple of years, that you'll see this as one of the most amazing experiences in your life ;)
    I had a lot of downs in the first couple of years after coming to Switzerland, but that was due to many more reasons than just the move itself..... I guess it also depends how the conditions here in Switzerland compare to the ones you are used to. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with the moving in!! I can't believe we are moving into the same place at the same say!! Really cool!
    ....and please do give me a shout whenever you're feeling ready.


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