Feb 5, 2011

Whatever happened to being real?

I just finished watching "Somewhere" by Sofia Coppola. Yet another reminder, as of lately, of the importance of staying true to yourself and your values.

The past few years, I am becoming more and more skeptical of our future generations, considering the pace in which we are destroying ourselves all in the name of fame, capitalism and superficiality. Where and when do we get to see the real people? The people who make a difference in the world? The people who's actions, talents and characteristics we should really be following as an example? Why are we so keen on imitating stupidity, taking on ideals that mean we have to suffer, act like we don't have any brains and preventing ourselves from being happy with who we are and what we have? Why do the media focus on these things? ...and why do we read, watch and listen to all this crap?

In all honesty.... I have been unhappy with myself most of my life. Why? Well, because I never understood who I was, what my purpose was and why I never ever felt that I was good enough. Now I am happy, but what is the difference? 
Most of my lack of self confidence came from images seen in the different medias that made me feel bad about myself when I was younger. By reading, watching and listening to all this, I was made to believe that if I could just be pretty enough, dress the right way and be successful and famous, everything would be amazing and I would be loved.
The, so called, role-models were and still are (even more now!); 
1. The girls we call "models". Girls of skin and bone. These women/girls, who can never enjoy life because they have to watch every gram, every calorie that they put inside their mouths. They spend tremendous efforts trying to do everything humanly possible to look their best and yet - there is always someone who is skinnier, prettier and more successful.....not to mention that not giving your body enough nutrition makes you literally dumb. ...and whose careers are over before or best case, around the age of 30. Do you think they are happy? Do you think this is a good ideal? I sure don't.
2. The celebrities: Aaaahhhh the rich and famous! The people who every day have to put on fake smiles for the cameras who follow them around everywhere they go. The people who's job is to work-out with a personal trainer, have botox treatments instead of lunch, who's job security is almost equal to 0 and who's earnings are actually quite small (besides around 10-20 lucky few, the rest live on sponsorships and freebees). The people who, most of the time, feel that they have to do drugs or drink to kill their apetite for food and instead increase their apetite for the many parties they MUST attend not to loose value in comparison to one of their competitors. The people who mostly feel so much loneliness from being in a world where you can't separate your friend from your competitor/enemy that depression is not a temporary downfall, but your everyday life. The people we think we know at least by their looks, but in fact, the pictures we see in magazines are all so retouched, airbrushed, made-up and edited that you would hardly recognize them in real life? The people whose stories and love lives we think we also know, but in fact most if it is just made up to sell more magazines or just used as PR tricks.

C'mon! We know better. Why are we reading all these gossip columns and magazines as if it is the truth. Why are we following bloggers who can only pose in the latest bikini and pout with their lips, urging us to follow their lifestyle as if they really know anything about life? ....because for sure, if you would know anything about life, you would know that, in the end, it doesn't matter what you wore, what your boob-size was, what color of hair you had,  or whose hand you shook at which party. You would know that the only way to really be remembered is by making a difference....if only by planting seeds....by making heart-prints and leading the way for future generations.

For sure there are many smart, happy AND beautiful famous people out there, but do you honestly think the ones who really matter are the ones who make the most headlines? I don't think so. Maybe in some few, rare cases. Or let me put the question this way, do you think it is likely that Robert Pattinson, Brad Pitt, Megan Fox and/or Shakira will find the cure for cancer? Or ensure we have a planet that in the future is not overheated? Or stop the extinction of rare species that are all a part of balancing our ecosystem? 
I know it is exhausting and painful to sometimes think of these things and maybe these characters and this gossip truly amuses you or that you even see these things as an escape from reality - well be my guest! But don't let it blind or distract you to the degree where you loose track of what is really important. Important things like happiness or sustainability of our planet is not in the fastest, most expensive car, the big houses, the hottest body or the fame......happiness is knowing YOU are unique. Happiness is appreciating what you have. Happiness is knowing YOU are important and that YOUR actions, all though individually small, can move mountains when they inspire others to follow your lead!! Happiness is giving and receiving love.
Love yourself. Take small actions for the good of our planet or the people you love! You will inspire others to do the same. Read something useful for once instead of flipping through the infinity of channels on your TV or reading gossip articles about celebrities that are most likely untrue anyway. Imagine if everyone gave a little of what they had for the good of people less fortunate? We can all make a difference and chose not to be indifferent. It is OUR responsibility, not hers or his or theirs. OURS!

You are already amazing, just the way you are! ....because you are unique. Nobody else can use your voice. Enjoy life. Stay healthy by eating and exercising normally. A little fat on your belly is NOT a world disaster! Not having enough fat on your body to survive is. You don't need surgeries or a miracle to feel good unless you already let yourself go to irreparable levels or unless you are really physically ill!!! If he wants you to have bigger boobs or smaller thighs to love you or if she thinks your biceps are too small - is that really love he/she feels? Is it really love you feel that makes you want to give them to him/her or is it just fear of rejection and insecurities? How long can we debate these topics? How many ridiculous "Loose 5 kg's in 2 weeks" articles do we need to read? How much time do we need to figure out that there is nothing to figure out? Enough read, seen and said!  Can we just get on with it already?? 

I'm not perfect, NOBODY IS PERFECT, but I am unique and amazing! Just the way I am.....and so are YOU! How about the next time we want to buy a fashion/beauty/life-style magazine we chose to instead give that money to charity? I'm in. Now, who's with me?!!?



  1. my GOD!
    I love this post! (and not to be sounding like a crazy girl)
    But Yes indeed you are sooo right!
    Why are we dooing all theese things? saying all those words and not even knowing WHY.??!!
    So true.. and one of my most important new years promisses were just that.. to be more true to MYSELF!
    And you sure said the right things right here and now!

    Thank you!
    (and great to see that you're back! :)


  2. I am guilty to reading all of the loose weight articles and gossip.
    Count me in! I agree completely.

  3. You have completly find the right way now, and im so proud of you...:-))

  4. We do it b/c if we don't we will be an outcast. Blend with the crowd or the crowd thwarts you. "being yourself" isn't widely excepted and generally frowned upon. I work out, stay current looking, eat well, get sleep etc and try to be a true, honest, good person. I have a crazy personality with strong, valuable characteristics. Ya know where it gets me? No where. Put on a big, fake smile, say what people want to hear, listen to their boring, vapid complaints and go with the flow. Life is devoid value and substance but full of 'friends'. No one wants to see you shine, it only makes them look dull. No one wants to hear the truth, it hurts their feelings and lord knows we can't have that. Its all a bunch of phony garbage.


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