Feb 17, 2011

Live - from the sofa!

Yep! Curled up in the sofa underneath a cosy blanket, doing absolutely nothing and LOVING IT! I can't remember the last time I had an evening like this to be honest.....and it's amazing how good it feels.
This is of course also why I have been such a baaaaaaad blogger lately.
So what's happening right now?  Well.......currently, I'm (besides enjoying a glass of wine and experimenting with my new MacBook Air, hence the photo ;))):
Happy about: Being able to spend a lazy evening at home, without feeling the slightest bit guilty. Recently I have been spending most of my evenings in a combo of the office and the gym, just to come home and literally crawl into bed.
Disappointed about: With so little time on my hands, it's difficult to have time for disappointments.....but on the other hand, this is a little bit of a disappointment in itself I guess?
Looking forward to: Sunday!!! Patricia, Enzo and Nelly (trying to make a long story short, it's my "ex-exteded-family-in-law" you could say.....) are coming here from Sweden to stay with us for a week and I love them just like family. I'm super excited!!
Thinking about: Things to do in Schaffhausen that will keep two kids from being bored here for a whole week while allowing me to catch-up with Patricia =))
Listening to: "She don't want the world" by 3 doors down on repeat....all though the lyrics don't apply to my life at all at the moment. Beautiful song. Also to "1234" by Feist - so catchy!!
Hoping: That there will be some snow on the lower altitudes for us beginner skiers so we can take the kids there next weekend =))
Laughing about: A lot of things at the moment! I am very lucky to have such a great friend in Chris with a very similar sense of humor and I also have truly entertaining colleges who keep me laughing and smiling all though times are quite tough.
Wondering: If I lost a lot of readers by my low posting frequency here lately (so please, if you read this - comment and let me know you are still here...).
Planning: To plan another diving trip but not as far away this time. We are thinking about Sardinia or Sicily......but let's see ;)
Smiling about: Some lovely comments that I have received lately. Comments that people don't really have to say, but they take their time to say them, knowing it will make you feel good. I find this inspirational and amazingly contagious!!
Inspired by: People. All kinds of people actually....hearing about their life experiences, plans, ambitions and emotions. Also very inspired by what I wrote under "inspired by".
Wishing: That our friends Milly and Simon would change their minds about moving to Kenya and stay here in Switzerland =(( ...but considering the chances of that happening is around 0.0, I try to focus my wishes on seeing them soon in a much warmer place ;))
Sad about: Having received the news about one of my dear, sweet colleges and friends who have been diagnosed with cancer. She has a tough period ahead - but clearly this cancer didn't know who it was messing with. She is such a positive and strong person so that cancer doesn't stand a chance!!!
Thankful for: That they found this cancer in stage 1 and for the reminder of how precious life is.
Wanting: To see her ASAP and give her a BIG hug.
Feeling: Happy! ....and that is what is really important in life and it means I'm on the right track. I wish the same for all of you, so if you are not - just grab it and hold on tight! The magic of happiness is in the small things....just open your eyes and enjoy it ;)) An important lesson, maybe one of the most important ones in life, is that no one but YOU can make you happy and expecting someone to have that as their responsibility is not fair. Never rely on anyone but yourself to provide you with this most important ingredient of life BUT surround yourself with people who give you enough strength to feel it.



  1. My compliments for your blog and pictures included,I invite you in my photoblog "photosphera".


    Greetings from Italy


  2. Läser alltid din blogg, men är dålig på att kommentera! Gillar den skarpt! Omväxlande och ler bla ofta åt din härliga humor! Är det ok om jag lägger en länk till din blogg på min bloggsida?
    Hoppas ni får härliga dagar med the Sweden-visitors! Kram


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