Feb 20, 2011

Sweden vs Switzerland: Part 1 - Minding your own business

After 2 years and 9 months here in Switzerland, I must say I have grown to love this country quite deeply and needless to say, I also still have a deep love for my home country Sweden. With this in mind, I have hereby launched this new series of posts with "battles" (if you will)..... Showing the annoying and the lovable sides of each country. I promise I will try to be objective, all though it may not seem that way considering the first post. This first battle, which I will call "Minding your own business" is, undoubtedly won by Sweden and here I think Switzerland could learn from Sweden ;))
As I mentioned, I have truly grown to love Switzerland, however, there are some things that will never seize to amaze me and I think I will never ever get used to them...... I have many stories to tell here unfortunately about NOT minding your own business, but will focus on this one. The note you see on the left hand side was found a while ago on my car, parked in the nearby parking garage. When I saw this note, it took me around 1 minute to figure out why on earth someone had put this on my car as I was parked safely inside MY "parking space". After a brief walk around my car - I finally see what had annoyed this person so much that it was worth finding time, paper and a pen to write an anonymous note about it: My car was closer to the left side (I'm talking about marginally closer...really!) of the space than the right, meaning not entirely in the middle. If you don't know what the note says, allow me to translate: "This is not the way to park!"
Dear Lord, forgive me for I have sinned...........by parking without using a foot rule.

Sweden vs Switzerland: 1-0
To be continued......



  1. lol :)
    well, weirdos are everywhere...

    I'll be reading these posts with a lot of interest, as I'm 99% sure I'll end up in Sweden in a few months, so understanding the inner workings of my new "home" is paramount!!

  2. linda i have so much experienced like that here in swiss,, i think theyre thinking they are perfect!!!they have so much rules that sometimes i cant think if its normal.in my apartment you cannot watch tv louder than 15,u cannot bang your cabinet,if you have visitor u cannot laugh so loud bec.they think ur so happy hehehe if u do u get a mail in ur mailbox that is so long to read!!!sometimes i think are they alien hehhehe but any way i learn to love the letters they all make with me yrs in my living here!!they may all get the heart attack of me!!!

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