Jan 30, 2011

From multi-colour to 6 shades of grey....

So here we are....back in Switzerland after 2 absolutely amazing weeks in the Dominican Republic....and all though all I see through the window from our apartment right now is 6 shades of grey, it doesn't feel so bad to be back home....besides the temperature difference. It's FREEEEEEZING here!

It is amazing how relaxed I could manage to get in 2 weeks, considering how stressed and under pressure I felt before leaving, when having been at the perfect holiday spot: Las Terrenas! Such an incredibly beautiful place with a truly calming atmosphere. 
So what have we been up to during this holiday? Explaining in words is one thing, but thought I'd instead make it a visual update and hence, I have put together a little video with the highlights.
If you have issues viewing this clip, please try this link: 
It is without sound, so no reason why it shouldn't work ;)

In word summary, you could say we have been:
- getting our PADI certified Open Water Divers certificates after taking theoretical and practical lessons at the Profundo Blue Dive Center (the instructor, Paolo, is great and so much fun!! ...and he has a great skipper as well, Nardo. Try it out if you go and want to get certified or just go for some dives!)
- continuing to dive (9 dives in total) and we saw Lionfish (PLENTY!), Barracudas, Queen Angelfish (a real diva ;)), Bermuda cubes, Scorpionfish, a big Parrot fish, a Crab and many many others... I also got a Medusa sting which was less pleasant.
- on a Whale safari (where we were lucky enough to see a humpback whale mama and her little 3 week old  baby!), guided by Kim Beddall. A fantastic experience!
- getting pampered at the SPA hotel we stayed at (especially me! 2 massages, hammam, pedicure and manicure).
- snorkeling a lot!
- horseback riding through genuine Dominican surroundings and terrain to the El Limon waterfall
- swimming A LOT!
- walking on all the beautiful beaches (miles and miles and miles of beaches and almost no people!)
- eating, eating and eating some more......and did I mention eating?!
- exploring the amazing range of yummy rum drinks. Pina Coladas to die for!
- trying and buying locally made cigars
-  reading (I read 3 books: "The winner stands alone" by Paulo Coelho, "Jag vill inte do, jag vill bara inte leva" by Ann Heberlein and "100 sätt att leva klimatsmart & 100 sätt att leva ekologiskt" by Helena Jansson and Mattias Henrikson)
- sunbathing, carefully....always with 30 spf.
- having had sooooo much fun and plenty of relaxing!

This is my 4:th time in the Dominican Republic (you could say it's a little bit of a favourite holiday destination ;)), and every time I go there, I'm so easily and quickly reminded of why: People are so happy and friendly, the music keeps you constantly smiling, so does the weather and the food! ....and the beaches and nature is nothing less than amazing. If you can go - GO!!! 

I would also sincerely recommend the resort we were at, Alisei Hotel! Great service, perfect location, nice rooms, an amazing little SPA with excellent staff, a perfect sized pool, great food and drinks....and the breakfast was amazing!!! I had cinnamon, sugar and butter pancakes almost every morning (ridiculously addictive and as you probably have already figured out, I think calorie counting is useless and takes the joy out of life ;p).

That's all for now..... Have a great start of the week! Hope to see you here again soon.


  1. Ahhh, can't watch the video => "this video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment. It is not available in your country". WTF! How could you upload it????

  2. Emma, try this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMFaGQfRUU0
    It's without sound, so there shouldn't be any issues with viewing rights ;)

  3. wow! looks soo great!
    And the food! :D
    Looks like you had the vaccation you needed!


  4. Underbart!! Skulle vilja boka direkt men jag har iaf. New York att se fram emot om mindre än två veckor. :) KRAM!

  5. Amazing Linda :-)
    And the winner stands alone is one of my favourite books :-)
    Good that u'r back, feel the urgent need to go for lunch with u!


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