Jan 21, 2011

A post(blog)card from Las Terrenas

As you may know, if you are following this blog, we are right now in Samana, Dominican Republic, enjoying 2 long weeks of holidays.

Our main objective of this trip was to take our diving certificates and hence, we have been diving every day so far on this trip. Yesterday, we passed the exam and are now both PADI Certified Open Water Divers. What an amazing world that has now opened up for us, completely ours to explore, but owned by amazing underwater beings and plants!! Taking the PADI OWD is for sure, one of the best decisions I ever made.....

Today is the first day we take a break from diving. Instead, we plan to visit the El Limon waterfall, to which you have to ride the last distance by horseback. Tomorrow, back to diving again and we then plan to dive down to a shipwreck that has been lost at the bottom of the sea. In this area, there have also been several sightings of humpback whales and as we are now in full season for their yearly visit to the Samana area, we are surely keeping our fingers crossed ;))


PS. As my laptop is unfortunately broken, it is very unlikely I will blog again until I'm back in Switzerland.....next time, hopefully with a photo update ;)

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