Jul 24, 2010

The world is on fire.....

This is not a new song or video, but I still want to share it with you as I find it so incredibly inspiring!

Rather than shooting a conventional music video for "World On Fire", Sarah McLachlan donated all but $15 of the $150,000 budget to various charitable causes around the world and then used the video to explain how it benefited the communities that received the money.

Imagine if all pop/rock stars of the world would do this instead of their usual music videos only bringing benefits to their own and their staff's fortunes and wallets.....now THAT would make a difference.

Linda - Inspired in Switzerland....


  1. That was a very inspiring video Linda

  2. She has a beautiful voice! I am sure I have heard some other songs that she is singing but can not remember the names of them. I agree with Jordan that it is a very inspiring video.

  3. Jordan: Happy you like it!! I find it so refreshing.....

    Lydia: You have probably heard "Angel" which I think is one of her most famous songs.


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