Jul 8, 2010

Let the holidays begin.....


So it's finally here.....my short, but hopefully sweet, holiday!! Just a week but I figure that as everyone says you have to enjoy the small things in life, so should I ;))

Currently, I'm........
Happy about:
Receiving my order of new bikinis (yes, I went nuts, like I always do in that store, and got 4 of them) from Victorias Secret - juuuuuuust in time for my holidays!! Again....it's all about the small things in life ;)
Disappointed about: Nothing really.

Thinking about: My friends and family! Missing them so much that it hurts right now!!
Astonished by: That octopus who predicted the correct outcome of the Spain vs Germany game yesterday................. I'm not so sure anymore ;)))

Listening to: Chris, making dinner in the kitchen (lucky me!!)
Worrying about: ...things like "When will I move back home?" and "Will I ever move back home". Seems very reoccurring, no?
Hoping: That I can finally wind down during this week and regain the energy that I so desperately need and that I can manage to meet up with Aryan and her family in Italy this weekend!!
Looking forward to: This weekend.....my holidays...........and the rest of my life!!
Wondering: What to get for my niece's baptism in August......any suggestions??
Planning: A big work-related meeting in August and am feeling slightly overwhelmed by all the details of it all! I'm quite confident it will all be all right in the end though.
Feeling: Awfully tired..... I would actually even say worn out.
Inspired by: "Everything will be all right in the end! If it's not all right, it's not the end". Trying to keep this in mind in this little maze called LIFE.
Thankful for: Love!
Wanting: That some friends and family members will soon come and visit me....right now, there are no scheduled visits, which feels a bit.......sad or maybe just boring?
Wishing: That the software I just installed on my GPS that alerts you for speed-cameras really work!!

Enjoy your weekends everyone! I hope you have a lot of sun and laughter!

Linda - Lost in Switzerland for another 20 hours ;)


  1. Ha en skön veckas ledighet Linda. Om du bara flyttar så kommer resten lösa sig det vet du så det är bara att flytta om det är det du vill. Att du skulle gå utan jobb en längre tid ser jag som en omöjlighet. Ibland får man bara göra det utan att ha fallskärmar eller hängslen... Ha det gott i värmen Johanna

  2. Italy? Which part?
    Holiday sounds very very good!
    Enjoy and hope to get update here when you are back agaian.


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