Jul 25, 2010

Monday Monday....

Dear sweet wonderful readers,

A new week just started and unfortunately for me, not in the best way as I've gotten sick. This means bed-rest and just the occasional checking of my computer. It's only 11am and I'm already bored of being at home, so I thought I could at least do a little update in between the naps ;)

A heads-up: There will be some guest bloggers appearing here going forward. Am really excited about it!!
The theme is "Hobbies, interests & passions" and it will kick off with a post on "Tea", which I find very suiting, working for Lipton and all ;)

Currently, I'm........
Participating in: The "Influence project", ranking at around 2 000th place of a little over 18 000 participants. Check it out here: http://fcinf.com/v/d2cn
Happy about:
Only working for 2 more weeks, then off to Sweden for my niece's baptism (I'm going to be a Godmother!!!) and 1 week in the Archipelago. Can't wait!!!
Disappointed about: Being ill.......what a drag and always with the worst possible timing =(

Thinking about: Sleep and will try to get some as soon as I press the "publish" button.
Listening to: Bird twittering (windows opened ;)), chiming church-bells and the sound of my keyboard.
Worrying about: Work and all the things I was supposed to do today.......arrghhh!
Hoping: That the upcoming season of "Dexter" will be as fantastic as the previous ones!! It premieres on September 26th and I am really really looking forward. Am also hoping that the weather will get better again soon. Was happy about the rain as if gave our air some freshness, but am now missing the sunshine... Never satisfied, only human ;)
Looking forward to: Seeing Joshua Radin live again in Zurich in October! Bought tickets yesterday...
Wondering: Still what to get for my niece for the baptism and also what present to give one of my friends who recently had a baby! Will need to decide NOW as I will see them both in 2 weeks time. Suggestions anyone??
Planning: A trip to the Dominican Republic this winter. Hopefully this will also involve taking a diving certificate......let's see. Exciting!!!
Feeling: A mix of a lot of things! Sick, tired and worried but still happy and very much in love....
Inspired by: Some really great bloggers out there!! Hopefully you will get to "meet" some of them here shortly...
Thankful for: Good friends and air planes that can take me to see the ones who are not living here in Switzerland.
Wishing: ....that those air planes were more friendly to the environment.
Wanting: To feel all better!! I know it's just a matter of time.....but.....it's just so frustrating! Patience is, unfortunately, not one of my strong suits.

Am leaving you with another Paulo Coelho quote that I really like and that's worth thinking about ;)):

"‎Problem" is the name of a tool created to define who we are"

Have a great week you all!!


  1. Oh no! I do hope you will feel better soon. Do not know what sick you are but drinking tea is always good and helful.

    Congratulations for becoming god mother and I am looking very much forward to reading the posts about hobby.

  2. the guest post sounds fun! i'm emailing you right after this.
    i just discovered joshua radin! love his voice : )

  3. Lydia: Thanks a million! ...both for the sweet note and for the congrats! I took your advice and had a BIG cup of tea :)

    Lina: Awesome!! You'll be in good company. I'm sure!
    Oh yeah, Joshua is fantastic, isn't he? He also seems like such a nice guy. Had the pleasure of meeting him last year and he seems very down to earth. The concert was really intimate and he sounds just as good live as on any album ;)


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