Apr 10, 2010

Paris - Je T'aime ♥

What could be better than Paris in spring??
I confirm....... Not much!!

I was lucky enough to spend a late March weekend in Paris and it was truly amazing!

Paris is so special in what it has to offer its visitors!! The range of shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs - all in a magnificently blended atmosphere of incredible history and modernity.
I've visited Paris many times before, but only once for private reasons, and this was back in 2004 and I honestly believe you need more than just a couple of weekends to get the full Paris experience....

I had the feeling something had changed from 2004 in terms of the behaviour of people.... In 2004 I had the feeling people weren't very friendly and not especially open to speak English with the struggling and sometimes lost tourists....they felt tired and bored of all these people invading their beautiful city (can't really say I'd blame them much though ;)). This time was completely different!! The Parisians were incredibly keen on helping to take touristy pictures, the taxi-drivers (somewhat known for a little arrogance and bad temper) were happy and cheerful, sharing stories about what it is like to live in Paris! The shop-assistants were incredibly friendly and insisted on speaking English and the service in the restaurants was also flawless. Maybe it was just spring in the air?? Either way, this surely helped the "Oh-so-happy-touristy-feeling"!

Walking around the streets of Paris while the trees are blooming, it is almost impossible not to be
completely bedazzled by its charm and it is so easy to understand why it is called "the city of love".
I could swear I heard tones of old, romantic, classic French tunes while walking down Champs-
Élysées!! ....and I litterally heard "La Valse d'Amelie" while eating at a little restaurant in Montmartre, which was much appreciated - especially being such a huge fan of "Amelie"!!

As Paris is already one of the most explored cities in the world, I won't spend time on giving the classic touristy advices - but will simply summarize my recommendation in one, single sentance:

Espérons vous revoir bientôt!
Linda - Twice lost in Paris....


  1. Låter hur mysigt som helst! Köpte filmen "Amelie" förra helgen och tänkte se den imorn :) Förresten, vad inspirerande ditt inlägg var om lycka och hur man själv kan påverka hur man känner sig! Kram

  2. Mmmm..... Det var hur mysigt som helst!!! Älskar att resa! Påminner en alltid om hur extra härligt livet verkligen är när man tar sig ur vardagsgängorna!!
    Amelie är verkligen helt fantastisk!! Definitivt en av mina all+time favourites! Berätta vad du tyckte sen ;))
    Tusen tack för kommentaren om min tidigare inlägg! Det blir så mycket roligare att blogga när man vet att någon läser det man skriver.... Hehe!
    Stor kraaaaam

  3. Underbart, min upplevelse av Paris -98 var inget vidare, alla mina bilder av Paris som den perfekta staden krossades, mest pga dåligt bemötande. Men jag vill tillbaka och din upplevelse nu låter ju fantastisk! Kanske det blir Paris i vår för mig med... =)

  4. Jag älskar Amelie, Paris var inte ett av mina favoritställen när vi var och tågluffade genom europa. Kan förstås ha berott på att vi var fattiga som löss och endast hade råd med att sitta i slummen och dricka billigt vin och äta brie. Gillade dock att strosa omkring när vädret tillät :)


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