Feb 21, 2010

New York!

Hello there!
I'm now back in Switzerland again after 5 amazing days in the city that never sleeps, New York!
Not only is New York "the city that never sleeps", but also the only city I have visited so far where I feel I could never EVER get bored. The possibilities are endless!!!

5 days were not enough for me.... I want more!!!! There were so many things that we didn't have time to do. There were also a lot of things that we did do (of course) and from this I will share a few recommendations besides the obvious, most touristy ones ;)

Shopping at Century 21
If you are lucky, you can find really good bargains on designer wear here! It's a little messy, so you need to be patient to be a successful shopper in this store.... I found some really great treasures and when I go back to NY, I will surely also spend another half day in this store ;)

Stand-up comedy at Comedy cellar
I was recommended to go here by a friend and I must say, it was absolutely hilarious!!!
Can't remember the last time I laughed this much =)

Dinner at Paesanos in Little Italy
This little cosy restaurant served me the best Pasta I've ever had!! "Lobster tail fra Diavolo" with lobster-tail (quite obviously ;)), shrimps, clams and mussels in an absolutely delicious tomato-sauce over linguini!
AND the staff was really really service-minded and nice! In fact, this place was so good that we had dinner there twice........ He he!

Cupcakes at Sugar Sweet Sunshine
Mmmmmm..........this little bakery on 126
Rivington street serves little pieces of heaven!!
We tried 5 different flavours. My favourite was Red velvet - Yummie!
I found this little place on the internet before I even left as number 1 on "Best cupcakes in New York".

Again, this was recommended to me by a friend..... Pinkberry has the most amazing frozen yogurts with a wide range of delicious toppings! A great choice when you feel a little keen on something sweet, that brings as much pleasure as a normal ice cream or chocolate, but is so much better for you from a health point of view ;)

It was fabulous 5 days that I will never forget!!!
....and just like the classic t-shirt, I really must say:

I New York

Oh how I miss my morning coffee's at Starbucks......mmmmmm..... Grande soy caramel macchiato =p
I also already miss walking up and down on Broadway every day!
I will go back there soon.... I simply have to!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend and hope to see you here again soon....
Linda - Back in Switzerland


  1. Hmmm, no starbucks in schaffhausen? Feel invited to Freiburg then - we have three. Had your favourite drink there on Friday night ;)

  2. NY hoppas jag att jag kommer till en vacker dag. Verkar så stort och häfftigt.

  3. Andreas: Nope! It's a disaster ;) So you are also a caramel macchiato fan?

    Petra: Åk! Åk! Åk!! Jag vet inte varför jag väntade så länge......nu kan jag bara tänka på att åka tillbaka!! Det kanske var det jag visste när jag tvekade? ;)

  4. Gosh this Google stuff sucks. My whole comment just disappeared :(

    Well I said -
    strange that there's no Starbucks in a rather big "rich" Swiss town, while there are three of them in a "not so rich" SW German town ;)

    Yes I like their caramel stuff. During vacation on Borneo I fell in love with their iced caramel frapp thingy :)

  5. Wow vad härligt! Jag är så glad för din skull! Alla som varit där säger samma sak, att de måste tillbaka, det låter ju alldeles underbart. Jag har haft planer på att åka dit länge, nu måste det bara bli av. =)
    Fina bilder, jag blir verkligen inspirerad! KRAM!

  6. Andreas: I KNOW!!!! Schaffhausen is a small town.......but everyone hangs att coffee shops! (well, not me YET as there's no Starbucks- but I surely would......if it's a non-smoking Starbucks ;))

    Emma: Saklart du/ni ska aka!!! Det ar verkligen seriost det basta stalle jag besokt!!! Beror saklart pa vad man har for preferenser, men det jag tror absolut att det ar en fantastisk upplevelse for vem som helst ;)) KRAM!!

  7. Hjärtelig välkommen da :)
    In Germany 95 % of restaurants and cafés are smoke free. And I wouldn't visit one which still allows smokers.

  8. God helg og kos deg med venninna di :)



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