Oct 17, 2009


I think I love you Saturday!! You make me happy! When you are not with me, I miss you....and sometimes you are aaaaaall I think about ;)

Morning coffee in my hand, Ingrid Michaelson's "The Chain" in my ears, gloomy weather outside my window and I'm so happy that it's finally weekend! I really needed it and it coudn't have come one day too soon! Am slowly, but surely, realising what a change in work-pace/load it will be for me now that my manager is leaving and I am taking over parts of her role. A good and interesting challenge indeed - but also a mighty challenge for my prioritisation skills!! Being a perfectionist at work is not always a good thing ;)

I love these kinds of weekends during fall......no firm plans, just ideas without commitment, and the weather doesn't invite you to do much but just relax and feel nooooo pressure!
I'm thinking; a home "spa-treatment" while Ingrid Michaelson's gorgeous voice is playing in the background, a little shopping (need a lamp for my living-room), sort out some practical stuff (I have a huuuuge backlog) and then off to Winterthur for a nice and cozy movie evening and perhaps a candle-light dinner ♥♥♥
Doesn't this sound pretty nice? Re-energizing? Aaaaaaaahhhhh! I do love my Saturdays!!

Just dediced on my Halloween costume! Will be interesting... Had to go for my second choice as the one I really wanted was OOS and expected back in January 2010....uhhhm a little late??
Oh well! At least I managed to find one!

OK....time to get moving! Leaving you with some picture memories of LOVE to one of my favourite songs! ;) Love the lyrics, which couldn't be more suiting!
"If you are falling - then I would catch you......"

Linda - Lost in Switzerland

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  1. I feel exactly the same way about Saturdays!!
    I understand why you like Ingrid Michaelson. Both songs are amazing. Thanks for sharing...


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