Oct 21, 2009


Just came back from a 2-day meeting in Zurich, incredibly tired as yesterday was a day of celebration and goodbyes! My manager is leaving the company after 17 years! 17 years!!!!!!
I find that completely amazing....

The past few weeks have been incredibly intense, work-wise, which is why I am more than just normally happy to say that I'm off on Friday!!
Destination: Neuschwanstein, Germany (Bavaria)
Focus: Relaxation, Photos, SPA, Wine, Food, Fresh air and hopefully some exercise to go with it
Feeling: FABULOUS!

Came across these two amazing photos that I wanted to share with you.... Aren't they amazing?

Will be away for a few days now.....basically until next week, taking a break from everything! Work, computers, pressure and practical things! These will be completely banned ;)

Take care of yourselves!!! Enjoy life! Relax! Smile! LOVE! Laugh! .......and do something you really love this weekend. Hope to see you here again soon...

Linda - Lost in Switzerland for one more day, then off to the fairy-tale castle in Germany enjoying a spa-weekend....aaahhhhh.....

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  1. these photos are amazing, especially the second one. i love fall!
    have a good time relaxing linda!


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