Oct 2, 2009

Dear diary...

I am counting down the days.... 3 days until I'm back with my family and friends in Sweden.

It is difficult to put into words exactly how I feel, but let's just say I have been scared of turning into a wreck from the lack of sleeping since this was decided ;))
I am twisting, turning, anticipating, wondering, hoping and just can't seem to really relax... I honestly can't even separate when I'm sleeping from when I'm awake since when I am sleeping, I am still dreaming about the same topics as my thoughts consisted of before I fell asleep.........on top of this, I am more emotional than I have ever been in my life!! The slightest sign from anyone of affection or appreciation makes me cry like a baby! It's like the attack of the mutant hormones - but this is NOT hormones....it's something much more powerful! I think it's LOVE!
Now inspite of it all this, here is the strange part of it all - I feel incredibly energized!!! In fact - more energized than ever.

A while back, I took a conscious decision to try to see things from a positive angle, no matter what. This may sound ridiculous to some of you.......but this is surely not easy, especially not when physical pain is involved...but I have to say determination is really a magical kind of potion for me! Once I have made up my mind, I mean REALLY made up my mind, there is not much hope of changing it unless there are clear, proven benefits of why I should change it again or if someone I care about truly suffers from my decision.
I wish I could share that potion with you and give you the inspiration of doing the same as it has really helped me tremendously, but I know we are all different and hence, driven & motivated by different things...

What I CAN and WILL share with you though, is this really great Myers-Briggs personality test that will help highlight your strengths and weaknesses in different aspects of your lives....from personal relationships to work or studies.
It also guides you in how you fit or clash with personality types different from your own and helps to explain why and how to work around that.

On top of all that, I found out that my personality type is the same as Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Johnny Depp, Sean Connery & Pete Sampras......how inspiring is that?! =)))))

I loved the whole experience and hope you will too!!

Linda - Lost in her sofa with a BIG glass of red wine, in her best mood looking forward to next week.....still in Switzerland - but SOOOOOOOON in Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeden

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  1. why, why, why did I end up with an ESTJ profile like G W Bush????


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