Jan 14, 2013

Hello Cupcakes! I've missed you.....

A few photos from my baking session this weekend.... I haven't made Cupcakes in AGES! The white ones are Vanilla flavored, rainbow colored inside with a vanilla cream cheese frosting on top and the pink ones were made with the same, uncolored batter, with added lemon flavor (from lemon zest) and lemon butter cream frosting on top. Yummy ;p

....find the recipe for the Rainbow Colored Cupcakes here: http://linda-lostinswitzerland.blogspot.ch/2010/07/rainbow-coloured-cupcakes-recipe.html



  1. Have I told you I have never ever eaten a cupcake before, not even in New York? Definitely on my bucket-list! :) Szilvia

    1. Whoooot?? No! You never told me! Oh my.....so I have to invite you over once for artichokes AND Cupcakes before we leave? ;p x

  2. In earlier times cup cakes were made in heavy pottery cups. Even in present day also these are made in pottery cups or coffee mugs by some bakers. There was a time when muffin cups were not available and people used pottery cups to bake the cup cakes.

  3. Ohh! Synnerligen trevliga! Skriv gärna ett gästinlägg om dem på vår blogg.

  4. Great post on journaling, Carrie. I have only tried this after completing my book, usually for character blog posts. Most times my books evolve from an idea or story question, and the characters evolve from that...except with Renner. He was Trey's partner in Journey's End, and I knew as soon as he hit the page that he'd star in his own book.
    Thanks for sharing your method, Carrie. I shall try this. :-)
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  5. Really beautiful in world for visit - Switzerland...

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