Jan 5, 2013

For this little hand....

....I feel more love than I've ever felt for anything!! It's the most powerful, purest kind of love. For this hand, I would do ANYTHING....anything and everything! I will happily spend my life trying to make it feel safe, happy, warm, comfortable and loved....unconditionally! I would protect this hand with my life....sacrifice anything and everything without hesitation.... 

....now can you imagine how much love I feel for the rest of her?  


Incredibly unbelievably happily, head-over-heels, above the clouds in love -


  1. Awww...Congratulations! :) Just discovered your blog via Joanne and I'm really hooked! :) Good luck with everything. Let's keep in touch! xoxo

  2. Great post on journaling, Carrie. I have only tried this after completing my book, usually for character blog posts. Most times my books evolve from an idea or story question, and the characters evolve from that...except with Renner. He was Trey's partner in Journey's End, and I knew as soon as he hit the page that he'd star in his own book.
    Thanks for sharing your method, Carrie. I shall try this. :-)
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    Simran Kaur


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